Frequently Asked Questions

Never worked with a recruitment agency before? Not sure how short term employment might work for you? We answered some of the more common questions below. Find out more about how Impactemps will enhance your career.

About Temporary or Contract Work

How does temporary/contract work add value to my career?

Contract or temporary employment is a great way to enhance your job skills if you are new to the workforce.  If you are experienced, contract or temporary work can provide you exceptional variety, by enabling you to work in different companies or be a part of a major project.

If your long term goal is to find permanent employment in an organization, contract or temporary work will give you a leg-up on the competition in the job marketplace.

What types of positions are available?

Impactemps offers temporary, contract, and temporary-to-permanent opportunities in nearly all job verticals in a multitude of industries and sectors.

Please visit our list of current openings on our jobs page and make sure to register as an Impactemps’ employee.

What should I bring to my interview?

Please bring your updated resume or CV, and a list of your career references consisting of your past direct supervisors. We require the names and current phone numbers for these references.

You will also need to bring photo identification, proof of Social Insurance Number, and copy of void cheque.

Please also make sure you dress appropriately for a professional interview with Impactemps.

NOTE: reference letters will not be accepted in lieu of reference contact information, and references from friends or colleagues are not considered to be professional references by Impactemps.  If you are new to the workforce, please provide reference information from past teachers or professionals from your secondary or post secondary institution if available.

What can I expect during the interview?

You will have a professional interview with a Recruitment Specialist to discuss your technical skills, your career goals, earnings expectations and to discuss your resume in detail.

While on site, we will ask you to complete paperwork to officially register you as a candidate, to complete WHMIS and health and safety training.

We will provide answers to any questions you might have, and/or provide you with resources to learn more.

Once you complete the interview, we will match you up to available positions, if applicable, and we will coordinate your start with the hiring organization.

Should there be no position available after you complete your interview, don’t worry, you have not wasted your time! We will let you know as soon as a better possible job match arises, and we will stay in touch long term.

How long will it take to find me a position?

Impactemps is committed to finding you a job as quickly as possible.

You could land a temporary or contract job with Impactemps quickly, or it could take several days or even weeks, as market conditions for employees are constantly changing.

We will do our best to get your working right away and to match your skills according to our clients’ needs and expectations.

Can I apply directly to the Employer once I start working there?

No, Impactemps manages your relationship with the organization, and technically, we are your employer while you are on temporary or contract assignment.

Impactemps is an expert career placement firm and should the role become a permanent opportunity, we will represent you as a candidate for the permanent position with the organization.

As your career partner, Impactemps will facilitate negotiations with the organization on your behalf and ensure you receive a fair permanent job offer.

Do I have to pay a fee to work with Impactemps?

No. An employment agency cannot charge a person seeking employment a fee, as this is illegal under the Employment Standard Act. All fees payable to Impactemps are paid by the organization offering the contract or temporary assignment and are payable directly to Impactemps.

How do I register with Impactemps?

To register with Impactemps, simply send us your resume, or visit our Jobs List page and complete all the necessary fields.

After Impactemps’ Registration: Next Steps

How do I get paid? What happens if I miss the timesheet deadline?

As an Impactemps employee on temporary or contract assignment, you will be via direct deposit on the following Friday after your work week. You will need to submit your time-sheet for work week by Sunday evening prior to midnight, at the very latest. For more information regarding time-sheet submissions, please click here.

Should you miss the time-sheet deadline, you will be paid one week from the following Friday. As Impactemps does not provide payday advances, please do not miss your deadline!

How much notice do I need to give if I plan to leave?

Impactemps prefers a notice period of two weeks from its temporary or contract employees on assignment.

Should circumstances require you to start a new job quickly, we would request a minimum of one week of working notice if you plan to leave a temporary or contract assignment.

How often do I need to call into Impactemps while looking for work?

Typically, when a job opens up, we will reach out to you. However, you should feel free to communicate with on a weekly basis with your Recruitment Specialist, until we find you employment, either by phone or email.

If you have not interviewed with Impactemps, simply continue to maintain your profile with us, and we will reach out to you when a job arises that we feel is a match. Unfortunately, we cannot interview all applicants, due to time constraints.

How do I update my personal details once I have registered online?

Once you register online, you will be able to update any personal information, including address, phone number, emergency contact, simply by logging in again through the portal.

Does Impactemps continue to support me after I start a temporary or contract assignment?

Yes, Impactemps is your employer and is available anytime to support you with any questions or comments. Please feel free to reach out directly to your Recruitment Specialist via phone or email at any time. We will try to respond to all inquiries, questions or concerns within 24-hours.